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Ralph Lauren + Nine West Booties

Happy Wednesday!

Hump day means that tomorrow is Thursday, then TGIF.  Who is with me?  Anyway, over the weekend, I was helping my sister in law with a couples photo shoot and I made sure to dress accordingly so I can take advantage of the opportunity afterwards.  I reached for my recently purchased Nine West Booties and a linen blouse from H&M.  I must say that I adore this cardigan from FOREVER 21 and since it was still pretty windy, that means dresses was out of the question.  Also, being the human shade and reflector meant that I was going to be reaching up high or running around trying to find the perfect spot to shoot.



The botanical garden had almost every kind of flower you can think of.  It is filled with tulips right now and I can see the peonies starting to bloom…. that means I need to visit again.  The next time that I do visit, hopefully it would be warmer and nice enough for a nice stroll or even a little picnic.  It is also perfect to take the little ones, there is a play ground and picnic area for them to roam and play then enjoy some snacks.


We actually spent more time at the garden than planned.  Though there is a daily fee per person, students who attends the college that collaborate with the botanical garden are free and students from other schools receives a discount.  Children are free to roam the gorgeous garden filled with tulips, peonies, daffodils, and so much more.



Here are a few tips when roaming any botanical garden:

  •  Wear comfortable shoes and avoid heels that will dig into the grass
  • Dress accordingly to the weather but be picture ready
  • Of course carry a camera to take photos to look back on
  • Make sure to bring or purchase some water if the area is big


| Cardigan:  FOREVER 21 | Shirt:  H&M | Pants: Old Navy | Brown Booties:  Nine West | Bag:  Ralph Lauren |


Weekend Wear: Fishing For Florals



This past weekend we went fishing and while it was some nice quality time with the family, it seems that mother nature may have forgotten that winter is no longer here.  Thankfully, I have not put away all of my sweaters, which makes it a blessing for days like this.


Every time I go fishing, I end up looking scrubby and when I catch a fish, taking fishing victory photos is not as cute… until now.  I decided to layer up, add some florals and purchase a pair of rain boots to pull together this cute and comfy attire.


The skirt is actually a dress that I decided to chop off the top part.  It looks cuter as a skirt compared to a dress.  These florals are perfect for warmer weather but can also brighten up those cold and gloomy weather.


Not to say, the red from the skirt made it super easy to wear with these rain boots.  I decided to save some cash with these boots and give them a try before splurging.  And now that, that is taken care of, I am now on the hunt for a better pair.  I love these ones and have been wearing them every chance that I get whether it is sprinkling, raining cats and dogs or going anywhere muddy.  The inside is lined and slightly cushioned, so my little toes was warm and snug the whole time.


I added this chambray on top for warmth and ended up not really needing it much but it went well with the outfit so why not?  Plus, I rather be too hot then be freezing; it is easier to take off a layer than not have extra pieces to add on.  My outfit had plenty of colors going on which is totally fine since I grabbed colors from the skirt and all of the colors paired together nicely.


| Jacket:  Eddie Bauer | Sweater:  Jeanne Pierre | Skirt:  SheIn | Leggings: forever 21 | Boots:  WalMart (surprise surprise) | Chambray: Chico’s |

Old Navy Paisley Dress

Please excuse the lighting in these photos but it was such a nice day so I had to go for a walk.  This Old Navy dress is perfect for today with my denim jack for some warmth (not that I needed much of it).  It is almost time for farmers market season and this would be a perfect outfit to stroll along and get some fresh vegetables or even flowers.

If you want to get a hold of this dress, I say hurry because the colors and sizes are going fast.  I initially wanted the purple and mustard yellow dress but I was not able to find it in stores (Update:  A friend saw it and snatched it up for me. 🙂 Yay!).  I did find a different print that I love just as much and I am getting it in my size and one for my little one (though she is not little anymore).  It is hard to find any mother and daughter dresses, so when I can find a pattern in both sizes, you bet I am going to snatch it up.



The dress does have adjustable straps which helps and I decided to go with a medium because I think my girls need some room to breathe too.  I would more than likely have to wear a bra because I need all the support that I can get and the denim helps cover it up nicely, or even a cardigan during the fall will be nice too.

The weather is supposed to get warmer and then some drizzle of rain, which I do not mind too much but I just want some sunshine, please?


This past weekend was filled with… craziness?  Well, it was not that crazy but it went by too darn fast.  I got a second tattoo and found out what golf disk was all about.  I also stopped by this ice cream shop that made my favorite ice cream (when I say favorite, I mean one that I love and will have to go back and get it from them only).  Sadly I did not take a photo of it but eventually I will I promise.  It was a peach and raspberry fudge one, I love the fruitiness of it without having to be sherbet and the sweetness of the raspberry fudge without being too sugary?  It was just a perfect combination for me.  I also tried their root beer floats and it brought back so many happy child memories of fishing in the summertime.  I am so glad that the weekend is just around the corner.

What are you looking forward to for the weekend?


Casual Friday: Gap T-shirt


Gap Eiffel Tower T-shirt | Shoes – Converse | Steve Madden Cross-body | Jean Jacket – TJ Maxx | Hi-Low Skirt – gift

Hello hello hello!

It’s been a while but I must say I have exciting news!  so exciting that I needed a day to be as relaxed as possible.  Nothing is more comfortable than a t-shirt from Gap and in one of my bucket list to travel…  the Eiffel tower.  If you have read in one of my post where I seem to purchase a new outfit due to excitement of a job, I was offered a promotion within two months.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.


I am excited for the good outcomes but nervous about the “unknown.”  Everything seems to be moving so fast that if I do not keep up with it them I am afraid of letting people down and falling behind.  I start Monday off the bat and everything seems so sudden.  Just four days ago I was basically a hard working girl who excelled in any task that I was given and now…  it is stepping into a whole new world again.



Have a wonderful weekend everyone and get in as much sun as you can because from where I live, it is a blessing to not have to see snow for a while.



Gap Skinnies + Coach Cross body

Hello all!

I have found a great pair of skinny jeans from GAP and as you can see below, I cuffed the bottom of them so that it would look tailored.  These Gap Skinny jeans paired with this Coldwater Creek laced blouse and Coach cross body makes it perfect for a sunny, yet chilly evening out for dinner and such.  It is quite a difference to have them cuffed underneath or scrunched up at the bottom.  I prefer to not have them hemmed permanently so I would still have different options of wearing them.




School projects and work have kept me quite busy and I have been feeling worn out.  Lately, that means by the time I get out of work to go to class, come home and work out, I am tired to the bone.  I will try to keep with with my Casual Fridays posts as much as I can but due to it being casual, nothing too fancy will be going on there.



I can not tell you how beat up my favorite pair of blacks heels from Sole Society is until it is placed right in front of you.  I have not found another pair to replace these just yet.  The kitten heel is so worn out that I caught myself slipping a  few times.  Speaking of Sole Society, I would love to get some of their block heels for when summer, or shall I say when spring gets here.




Casual Friday:  Vera Wang + Old Navy

I got this Princess Vera Wang from Kohls and purchased it in another color as well. As you can see by now, I love my Old Navy jeans.  I have a few more colors I would love to pick them up in, such as white, black and a darker wash denim.

Sorry I was not able to get this up this past friday, I got sick and was not able to see the light of day until Sunday which was filled with catching up on homework and finishing a exam.  Today I have a night class and though I may not look forward to it, I just have to get’er done.


Kate Spade + BCBG Generation

Hello again!  These BCBG Generation kitten heels and sweater from a previous post is sure making its way around my wardrobe quite often.  Aside from that, I am a lover of Kate Spade and though my collection is not abundant, each piece is treasured deeply.


I enjoy the look of this simple outfit that is in need of some stockings to keep my legs from freezing and to hide those unshaven hairs (I know I am not the only one).  The colors that I wore flows together quite nicely and I love this red pea-coat.


If I hadn’t worn my Ralph Lauren trousers, I would have exchanged those with this lace skirt from New York& Co because this is quite festive for Valentine’s Day, too bad it had already passed.  But have no fear, I am able to rock this outfit for all work-related occasions.  I do not know about you but to me lace is just very… romantic, cute, girly and so totally me!



For a girls night out after work, I would probably un-tuck the sweater or add a gorgeous gold bow belt right on top for more glam.  I assume that is the main reason why I love this combination of a light soft pink and black lace together.