e.l.f. Products ft. ilikeweylie palette

by By G Nancy Lee

Recently, Weylie from ilikeweylie posted up a picture of her palette that she hand-selected shades for on her Instagram.  The colors in the photos are gorgeous and got me really excited that I snatched it up  while it was still in stock.  I am excited to show you the ilikeweylie palette from e.l.f.  The colors are gorgeous and perfect for many of us who just recently got tanned in summer.



Shade 4 is a beautiful color to try and use to contour but it does have some shimmer and shade 1 seems to be a great highlighter right off the bat.  This e.l.f. ilikeweylie palette is perfect for fair and tanned skin tones; I am not sure if the bronze and highlighters would show up or be as vibrant on darker skin.


I also purchased this e.l.f. brush because I was in need of a contouring brush, so why not.   I will be using this brush with ilikewylie palette to help contour the nose and my cheekbones.  I have heard great reviews on this style of brush and have read reviews about this exact brush on the e.l.f. website.  The bristles on the brush are soft and durable so hopefully it will uphold many years for me.



The next item I decided to purchase was the e.l.f. eye Eye Refresh.  So with this product, it goes underneath the eyes to brighten up and make under eye circles less visible as well as make you look awake.  I need this in my life for those late all-nighters studying for exams and then waking up at 6AM to get ready for work.


This next product was e.l.f.’s hydrating bubble mask.  I have been hearing great things about many types of hydrating or bubbling masks and wanted to test one out.  Since I was already on the site, I decided to give it a go and see how much I may enjoy it. I am excited to try this out and hopefully have a more in-depth review of this product. I have read great reviews on the e.l.f. website so I have high hopes.


Lastly, this last product from e.l.f. was a part of their freebie promotion between and e.l.f. lippie or an e.l.f. bronzer.  Since it is summer, I went with a bronzer to enhance this slightly tanned skin that I have come to adore.



I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday.