by By G Nancy Lee

Growing up as a kid, way before online shopping was available and stores such as Macy’s was too far because of living out in the country; which by the way was an hour drive to Macy’s.  One thing that I enjoyed with my momma was to go shopping specifically at CATO’s.  I am sure not many of you are familiar to CATO’s but it is a store for females with clothes that ranges from middle school to as old as you could possibly get.  The reason why I loved going to CATO’s was mainly because of all the awesome deals.  I was always able to find the cutest jewelry, dresses, and tops for a very low price.  It was like a less expensive Ann Taylor in the aspect that, CATO’s did carry a plethora of work wear and casual wear too.




While traveling recently to North Carolina, I always make it a priority to visit CATO’s due to the fact that in Wisconsin, it does not have one in sight for hundreds and obviously a thousand miles.  I believe CATO’s is a local store in my hometown so that is probably why it is not nation wide (though I wish it was because I would probably live in one every day after work).  This dress from CATO’s is actually a size bigger (medium) than my usual size (small) ; however, it was the last one and I just loved the print so much I could not bear to leave it for someone else; I snatched it up real quck (real quick).  I will have another post on what I purchased from CATO’s here (still working on it).




Recently, I have been on a preppy and bohemian vibe.  I can not say I have one type of style because my wardrobe is filled with many emotions that made me love to mix and match everything.  I can be edgy one day and business casual with a blouse with pencil skirt the next.  As you can see, this is the bohemian side of it.  I adore how drapery and flowly it is, especially in the heat while I was visiting my hometown.  On a different not, I also got a hair cut.  Nothing too special, just some blunt bangs and layers added to my already asymmetrical bob.  I never felt like I was able to pull-off these bangs but I just love them too much.  I asked the hairdresser to make it work; that if I did not want them covering my forehead, I could pin or brush them aside into side bangs.





It will become a loved and treasured item for its many useful ocassional wear.  For example, this dress is perfect to wear to a rustic wedding, for what is left of the wedding season.  Also, I do not mind wearing this to a bonfire at night because I would not have to worry about bug bites.  One feature that I wish this dress was, was to be a kimono style because I could wear it as a robe or kimono with a different dress slip or even to bed.  Speaking of bed, I believe it is time for me to go to sleep.  Good night everyone and have a great morning the next day!


| Dress, ring, necklace:  CATOs | Cluth:  bebe (gift from my sister) | Gold Bangles:  Heirloom from my momma | Shoes:  JustFab |