Casual Friday: RL Tee & Pleated Skirt

by By G Nancy Lee

Peony season has sadly come to an end and what better way to end it than with a little photo shoot. At work, our dress code is casual that even jeans could be worn on a daily basis. Knowing me, I like to dress to succeed and everyone’s definition would be different but I prefer business casual. It’s been about a week now since I traveled to my hometown and spent some incredible family time (working on the post day by day). Now that only have one summer class left, I am able to fit some more time into my blogging obsession, in which I miss dearly. My apologies for the lack of posts and amount of posts, it’s been hectic but I do want to keep posting up when I am available. I will be graduating this winter if everything goes according to plan and with that, I once again, will be busy. Of course after graduation, I would still be working full-time but with school out of the way, that leaves room for me to blog and spends more family time.






I have been taking photos but the time to edit and create a quality blog post (minimum of 500 words)has been very limited.  This post will mainly not be longer than my usual minimum requirement but sometimes, after a long day, I am flabber-gasted? and have nothing left to say.  Most days I will not have time until after midnight and I would like to get in at least 5 hours of bed rest because falling asleep at work is just not an option.  I have a wedding to attend tomorrow so my day will be filled and then on Sunday, another day filled with birthdays.  What a busy weekend indeed, but I can not wait to see all the little kiddos.  Have a nice weekend everyone!




|Tee: Ralph by Ralph Lauren | Skirt: Thrifted | Shoes: Shoedazzle | Cluth: Forever21 | Belt: SheIn |