Ralph Lauren + Nine West Booties

by By G Nancy Lee

Happy Wednesday!

Hump day means that tomorrow is Thursday, then TGIF.  Who is with me?  Anyway, over the weekend, I was helping my sister in law with a couples photo shoot and I made sure to dress accordingly so I can take advantage of the opportunity afterwards.  I reached for my recently purchased Nine West Booties and a linen blouse from H&M.  I must say that I adore this cardigan from FOREVER 21 and since it was still pretty windy, that means dresses was out of the question.  Also, being the human shade and reflector meant that I was going to be reaching up high or running around trying to find the perfect spot to shoot.



The botanical garden had almost every kind of flower you can think of.  It is filled with tulips right now and I can see the peonies starting to bloom…. that means I need to visit again.  The next time that I do visit, hopefully it would be warmer and nice enough for a nice stroll or even a little picnic.  It is also perfect to take the little ones, there is a play ground and picnic area for them to roam and play then enjoy some snacks.


We actually spent more time at the garden than planned.  Though there is a daily fee per person, students who attends the college that collaborate with the botanical garden are free and students from other schools receives a discount.  Children are free to roam the gorgeous garden filled with tulips, peonies, daffodils, and so much more.



Here are a few tips when roaming any botanical garden:

  •  Wear comfortable shoes and avoid heels that will dig into the grass
  • Dress accordingly to the weather but be picture ready
  • Of course carry a camera to take photos to look back on
  • Make sure to bring or purchase some water if the area is big


| Cardigan:  FOREVER 21 | Shirt:  H&M | Pants: Old Navy | Brown Booties:  Nine West | Bag:  Ralph Lauren |