Old Navy Paisley Dress

by By G Nancy Lee

Please excuse the lighting in these photos but it was such a nice day so I had to go for a walk.  This Old Navy dress is perfect for today with my denim jack for some warmth (not that I needed much of it).  It is almost time for farmers market season and this would be a perfect outfit to stroll along and get some fresh vegetables or even flowers.

If you want to get a hold of this dress, I say hurry because the colors and sizes are going fast.  I initially wanted the purple and mustard yellow dress but I was not able to find it in stores (Update:  A friend saw it and snatched it up for me. 🙂 Yay!).  I did find a different print that I love just as much and I am getting it in my size and one for my little one (though she is not little anymore).  It is hard to find any mother and daughter dresses, so when I can find a pattern in both sizes, you bet I am going to snatch it up.



The dress does have adjustable straps which helps and I decided to go with a medium because I think my girls need some room to breathe too.  I would more than likely have to wear a bra because I need all the support that I can get and the denim helps cover it up nicely, or even a cardigan during the fall will be nice too.

The weather is supposed to get warmer and then some drizzle of rain, which I do not mind too much but I just want some sunshine, please?


This past weekend was filled with… craziness?  Well, it was not that crazy but it went by too darn fast.  I got a second tattoo and found out what golf disk was all about.  I also stopped by this ice cream shop that made my favorite ice cream (when I say favorite, I mean one that I love and will have to go back and get it from them only).  Sadly I did not take a photo of it but eventually I will I promise.  It was a peach and raspberry fudge one, I love the fruitiness of it without having to be sherbet and the sweetness of the raspberry fudge without being too sugary?  It was just a perfect combination for me.  I also tried their root beer floats and it brought back so many happy child memories of fishing in the summertime.  I am so glad that the weekend is just around the corner.

What are you looking forward to for the weekend?