Casual Friday: Gap T-shirt

by By G Nancy Lee


Gap Eiffel Tower T-shirt | Shoes – Converse | Steve Madden Cross-body | Jean Jacket – TJ Maxx | Hi-Low Skirt – gift

Hello hello hello!

It’s been a while but I must say I have exciting news!  so exciting that I needed a day to be as relaxed as possible.  Nothing is more comfortable than a t-shirt from Gap and in one of my bucket list to travel…  the Eiffel tower.  If you have read in one of my post where I seem to purchase a new outfit due to excitement of a job, I was offered a promotion within two months.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.


I am excited for the good outcomes but nervous about the “unknown.”  Everything seems to be moving so fast that if I do not keep up with it them I am afraid of letting people down and falling behind.  I start Monday off the bat and everything seems so sudden.  Just four days ago I was basically a hard working girl who excelled in any task that I was given and now…  it is stepping into a whole new world again.



Have a wonderful weekend everyone and get in as much sun as you can because from where I live, it is a blessing to not have to see snow for a while.