Winter Blues Ft. Nine West

by By G Nancy Lee

I have been on a hunt for a nice pair of boots lately due to the heavy snow fall that I have been seeing and face everyday.  Luckily I was able to snatch a nice pair of Nine West sooner than I expected.

Some of the things that I look for includes a little height or wedge, simplicity, the color black and it has to fit my wide calf.  I think that is always the hardest thing for me when searching for boots.  Boots that fit my needs are hard to find due to the main reason that it I can not find a pair which would fit my calf.  I am not too big of a fan of stretchy material that fits around my legs due to the tight feeling and having to zip or unzip the boots.  I rummaged through Burlington’s the other day and found the perfect pair for under $30.  I am sure it will vary from store to store but it does not hurt to take a look around.


As you can see, these boots slightly show some room; which I adore because I have some wiggle room.  I do believe everyone have their own preferences and that is okay because there may be reasons why someone would want more or less wiggle room in different places.  I am hoping that with this floral clutch, Spring will get here faster than my anticipation of it.  Also, I would get to see little daffodils sprouting here and there to show me that it is time to bust out some favorites tucked away.  I love the snow but when it has overstayed its’ stay, I can get tired of it real quick.


I do have quite a collection from Nine West and they are some of my most loved pieces.  This clutch has to be one of them because the inside has a nice plastic lining, that if I was to spell something or have a piece of candy melt (not likely with this kind of weather), then I can just wipe it off easily.

The descriptions for the boots are as followed:

-Material:  leather

-Shape:  almond toe shape

-Height: 17″ with a 14″ circumference



Here are a few selections that I would like to try because they are similar to the ones I have now.

-Steve Madden “Gorgeous” Over the Knee Boots

-Vince Camuto “Baldwin” (This happens to be 64% off)

-Cole Han “Tali

-Nine West “Oran” Tall Wedge (This the the closest one that I can find to look almost exactly like mine.)

For me, being a smart shopper that I so believe I am, this is a great time to stock up one or two pairs for next year.  Especially if you know you are going to be reaching and loving them all year round.  Also, it will be raining soon even if the snow is going away and these are a great alternatives compared to rain boots in the office.  On another note, I am in search of some rain boots.