Ralph Lauren & BCBG Generation

by By G Nancy Lee

When I receive a job and need an outfit for the first week, I head to TJ MAXX and DSW for some BCBG Generation heels, Ralph Lauren trousers, and a basic sweater for a chic office look.  This outfit just makes me feel very confident in what I am wearing and it keeps me feeling energized because I feel and look great.


I love over-sized items and finding the right pieces as well as styling them is a big part of how I would look in them.  I could look even bigger than I am or even like I got the wrong size on purpose.  But I think I pretty much hit a home run with this one because the color is beautiful and subtle.


Snow is still around and love is definitely in the air.  It was Valentine’s day this past weekend and at work I wanted to wear something that is still conservative and appropriate; so I opt for this sweater and the classic black trousers.  Can you believe that this whole outfits (excluding the handbag) was under $40?  Talk about a bargain right?  As usual, the shoes was the most expensive at a price of $21.xx, the pants was about $12.xx and lastly the sweater was only $5.  All of the items that I purchased was pretty much great pieces that I can see myself reaching for constantly.


I just started my job recently and so far it is a simple task and enjoyable.  I like how I started on the 1st of February so it will actually be easy to take note of.  The dress code is business casual and though it can be questioned, I can actually have a reason to “dress-up” as others would say, but to me it is not dressing up, it is who I have always been.  I enjoy dressing nice and having a nice clean appearance, do not get me wrong, i have my days where I am in sweats and a tank or even just a white t-shirt lounging around or cleaning the house.  How I dress is usually how I express myself and how I feel; I think it does tell a plethora about a person.


The sizing of these items are true to size and the sweater is over-sized.  These trousers are a size 6 and 100% cotton.  It is will stretch a bit and does catch all the dust you can imagine, but with a travel size lint roller, it is nothing you can not handle.  The sweater is a size small and for it to be over-sized, I like the fit of it very much.  As for the shoes, I purchased a size 5.5 because a 6 would have been a tad too roomy.   I wish I could wear the shoes more often but with the snow, it will have to be Spring soon so I can bust these babies out more and not have to worry about my poor toes.