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Something Blue

As you may remember, I said I had attended a wedding and this was actually what I wore.  The back of this dress was my favorite part.  I believe I had to go dress shopping last minute because I did not have anything similar and as you can tell it is filled with florals.

I enjoy the fit as well, this was a juniors in medium and the length hits about 2-3 inches above the knees and would definelty be shorter on someone taller.  






e.l.f. Products ft. ilikeweylie palette

Recently, Weylie from ilikeweylie posted up a picture of her palette that she hand-selected shades for on her Instagram.  The colors in the photos are gorgeous and got me really excited that I snatched it up  while it was still in stock.  I am excited to show you the ilikeweylie palette from e.l.f.  The colors are gorgeous and perfect for many of us who just recently got tanned in summer.



Shade 4 is a beautiful color to try and use to contour but it does have some shimmer and shade 1 seems to be a great highlighter right off the bat.  This e.l.f. ilikeweylie palette is perfect for fair and tanned skin tones; I am not sure if the bronze and highlighters would show up or be as vibrant on darker skin.


I also purchased this e.l.f. brush because I was in need of a contouring brush, so why not.   I will be using this brush with ilikewylie palette to help contour the nose and my cheekbones.  I have heard great reviews on this style of brush and have read reviews about this exact brush on the e.l.f. website.  The bristles on the brush are soft and durable so hopefully it will uphold many years for me.



The next item I decided to purchase was the e.l.f. eye Eye Refresh.  So with this product, it goes underneath the eyes to brighten up and make under eye circles less visible as well as make you look awake.  I need this in my life for those late all-nighters studying for exams and then waking up at 6AM to get ready for work.


This next product was e.l.f.’s hydrating bubble mask.  I have been hearing great things about many types of hydrating or bubbling masks and wanted to test one out.  Since I was already on the site, I decided to give it a go and see how much I may enjoy it. I am excited to try this out and hopefully have a more in-depth review of this product. I have read great reviews on the e.l.f. website so I have high hopes.


Lastly, this last product from e.l.f. was a part of their freebie promotion between and e.l.f. lippie or an e.l.f. bronzer.  Since it is summer, I went with a bronzer to enhance this slightly tanned skin that I have come to adore.



I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday.




Growing up as a kid, way before online shopping was available and stores such as Macy’s was too far because of living out in the country; which by the way was an hour drive to Macy’s.  One thing that I enjoyed with my momma was to go shopping specifically at CATO’s.  I am sure not many of you are familiar to CATO’s but it is a store for females with clothes that ranges from middle school to as old as you could possibly get.  The reason why I loved going to CATO’s was mainly because of all the awesome deals.  I was always able to find the cutest jewelry, dresses, and tops for a very low price.  It was like a less expensive Ann Taylor in the aspect that, CATO’s did carry a plethora of work wear and casual wear too.




While traveling recently to North Carolina, I always make it a priority to visit CATO’s due to the fact that in Wisconsin, it does not have one in sight for hundreds and obviously a thousand miles.  I believe CATO’s is a local store in my hometown so that is probably why it is not nation wide (though I wish it was because I would probably live in one every day after work).  This dress from CATO’s is actually a size bigger (medium) than my usual size (small) ; however, it was the last one and I just loved the print so much I could not bear to leave it for someone else; I snatched it up real quck (real quick).  I will have another post on what I purchased from CATO’s here (still working on it).




Recently, I have been on a preppy and bohemian vibe.  I can not say I have one type of style because my wardrobe is filled with many emotions that made me love to mix and match everything.  I can be edgy one day and business casual with a blouse with pencil skirt the next.  As you can see, this is the bohemian side of it.  I adore how drapery and flowly it is, especially in the heat while I was visiting my hometown.  On a different not, I also got a hair cut.  Nothing too special, just some blunt bangs and layers added to my already asymmetrical bob.  I never felt like I was able to pull-off these bangs but I just love them too much.  I asked the hairdresser to make it work; that if I did not want them covering my forehead, I could pin or brush them aside into side bangs.





It will become a loved and treasured item for its many useful ocassional wear.  For example, this dress is perfect to wear to a rustic wedding, for what is left of the wedding season.  Also, I do not mind wearing this to a bonfire at night because I would not have to worry about bug bites.  One feature that I wish this dress was, was to be a kimono style because I could wear it as a robe or kimono with a different dress slip or even to bed.  Speaking of bed, I believe it is time for me to go to sleep.  Good night everyone and have a great morning the next day!


| Dress, ring, necklace:  CATOs | Cluth:  bebe (gift from my sister) | Gold Bangles:  Heirloom from my momma | Shoes:  JustFab |





Casual Friday: RL Tee & Pleated Skirt

Peony season has sadly come to an end and what better way to end it than with a little photo shoot. At work, our dress code is casual that even jeans could be worn on a daily basis. Knowing me, I like to dress to succeed and everyone’s definition would be different but I prefer business casual. It’s been about a week now since I traveled to my hometown and spent some incredible family time (working on the post day by day). Now that only have one summer class left, I am able to fit some more time into my blogging obsession, in which I miss dearly. My apologies for the lack of posts and amount of posts, it’s been hectic but I do want to keep posting up when I am available. I will be graduating this winter if everything goes according to plan and with that, I once again, will be busy. Of course after graduation, I would still be working full-time but with school out of the way, that leaves room for me to blog and spends more family time.






I have been taking photos but the time to edit and create a quality blog post (minimum of 500 words)has been very limited.  This post will mainly not be longer than my usual minimum requirement but sometimes, after a long day, I am flabber-gasted? and have nothing left to say.  Most days I will not have time until after midnight and I would like to get in at least 5 hours of bed rest because falling asleep at work is just not an option.  I have a wedding to attend tomorrow so my day will be filled and then on Sunday, another day filled with birthdays.  What a busy weekend indeed, but I can not wait to see all the little kiddos.  Have a nice weekend everyone!




|Tee: Ralph by Ralph Lauren | Skirt: Thrifted | Shoes: Shoedazzle | Cluth: Forever21 | Belt: SheIn |

Tuesday + Kate Spade Sale Alert

I am sure by now you are all aware of the Kate Spade Sale up to 75% off selected items that they are promoting until May 26th.  So I say go, go, go!



This morning as I woke up to my alarm of Selena Gomez “Hands to Myself,” I checked my emails and found that Kate Spade was having a sale.  I had to jump at the first grab of a tote, wallet and sunglasses.  I have been looking for a good pair of sunglasses too and had added these adorable sunglasses on impulse.  Here is one from Ray Ban that I was contemplating on purchasing, but since I bought the Kate Spade pair, those will have to wait.

Recently I have been on the hunt for a good tote bag.  Since we are going to go to the beach in July, it would be great to have one that will keep all of my necessities in one place.  As you have seen in my previous photos, my brown tote is from Wal-Mart and though it is holding up, I want something sturdier and long lasting.  Which is why I added this tote bag from Kate Spade into my cart as soon as I saw it.

I have been eyeing this wallet since forever and have not found the courage to fork over the money for it at full price and even the sale price is pushing it for me.  And yes, I could just go to an outlet but the closest one is two hours away.  Therefore, the gas, time to get there and the risk of it not being in stock or on sale is something that I do not want to take the chance on… at least not today anyway.

I did not purchase this bracelet but maybe next time?  It is cute and simple for everyday wear.  On top of that, their charms are also on sale!

Now that I got my shopping phase out of me…. for now that is, lets talk about how sunny and bright it was today compared to the predicted forecast of rain.  I just had to wear something casual and bright to work because I was too ecstatic that there was no rain in sight.




Down below you can see my little fur baby just chilling and photo-bombing.  



| Blouse: Loft | Jeans: Old Navy | Shoes: BCBG Generation | Clutch: COACH | Bracelet: Forever 21 | Watch: Kohl’s | Ring: Purchased at the Flea Market but the brand is Avon |

I can not believe that Tuesday has gone by just like that.  Summer school is here and it might take my focus away from blogging again.  I want to get all of my classes done with and graduate, which is taking longer than expected.  Everything with school just does not want to go my way at all.

I usually take photos after work; then I would cook, eat, workout, shower, spend some time with the family.  While they are sleeping, I get to working on my posts.  Now with summer classes starting, I do not know how I am going to juggle this.  I want to be consistent and with being consistent, I want to be relevant as well.  I suppose 2-3 posts and one of them being my Casual Friday will be a start to being consistent and relevant.  Once again, it is time for bed.

Daniel Wellington + Bows and Sequins Tweed Jacket

Lately, I have been spending right and left.  It is all these great deals I tell ya.  I usually do not splurge often but since we are going to the beach in July and my birthday is in June, I have been good, so why not.  Some great finds includes a classic Daniel Wellington watch, ShoeDazzle scalloped heels, and so much more.


Daniel Wellington

Right now they are offering a FREE strap with your purchase until June 13, 2016 and you can receive a 15% off discount code to use as well when you sign-up to receive their email promotions.  Sadly, I missed my discount code and paid $159.00 for the one I selected.  But with the code, your total should roughly come out to be $143.10. Did I forget to mention, it includs FREE shipping?  I am uber ecstatic that I can not wait for it to get here.  I loved all the straps they had but decided to go with the basics first.


JustFab + ShoeDazzle

Honestly, I purchased from both site due to the $10 a shoe promotion but am excited to see the quality of these shoes.  I am not sure if I am going to keep the monthly VIP or cancel soon.  It really depends on the quality of the shoes.  Both pairs that I choose are perfect for Spring, Summer, and early fall.  I purchased both sizes in 5.5 and they are both about 3-3.25 inches high.


Other than my Daniel Wellington watch, I cannot wait until this box hits my door.  I have been a long time follower of Bows&Sequins and when I saw the tweed jacket on her, I just HAVE to have it.  Honestly, I am scared I might not have enough items to do with the jacket but just as I was typing, one pops up in my mind.  Funny how that works right?  This jacket is also on sale right now and like most sites, you can receive a 10 or 15% discount code.


-Old Navy

I am sure you are probably sick of me talking about Old Navy by now but they are having their memorial sale so just about everything is 50% off and with an email sign-up, you can receive an extra 30% discount code, so if you have been eyeing an item…. like say this floral dress or oceanic cami dress, then go for it.  I am already eyeing is this chambray sundress as we speak or type.  I got mine last week when they had their 40% off sale.  The dress was already $19.99 then so for me it was a score.  I am happy when I do not have to break the bank, of course the sum of all the items may (whoops).  Or if you have some supercash on hand and will be happy to take the chance of the item still being there, then be my guest.  I am now eyeing this coral pink swimming top to pair with my high waisted black bottoms.  I just need to get off the site and go to bed. (smh)


| Blouse:  Loft | Skirt: Old | Heels: Nine West | Clutch: COACH | Necklace: Borrowed | Sunglasses: Ray Ban |

Now enough with shopping… who am I kidding!  Mondays are busy for me but I am mostly sitting so skirts and heels are my go-to items.  But seriously, I need to call it a night.


Casual Friday: Nine West Booties + FOREVER 21

Nothing too special about today…. except that it is FRIDAY!  My summer break is over once Monday hits again.  Back at it again with them summer classes.  The weather has warmed up quite a bit but a simple cardigan benefits more than it hurts.  As you can tell by now, I love my Nine West booties.  I can not seem to get enough of them (says every blogger ever).  I honestly did not think that I would reach for them this much, I usually reach for my black shoes all the time but somehow I am reaching for these more.


As you can tell, I have a thing for darker colors in the summer time.  Or it could be due to the chilly weather we are still having but it seems like I am still reaching for those darker colors.  I am sure you will be surprised where half of this outfit is from… or maybe not?



I really love how these booties helps trick the eye with making my ankles a bit more proportioned.  I have big hips and that means big calves leaving my ankles looking like it is about to snap any minute.  I envy those who have slimmer legs and I know I may never have very skinny legs but I just want them to slim down a bit.  I love my hips but my calves are what bothers me the most.  It is not that I am not happy with my body, I just prefer it that my calves are not as big to me.  Our little dilemmas I tell ya.


I do not know about you but this outfit, other than being able to wear it to work, is perfect for those campfire nights or cook outs.  It is cozy enough to sit around the fire roasting marshmallows and enjoying a few cold ones.  Those days will soon be upon us… if it ever stays warm enough without being too windy.  I know this is one of those outfits that I will repeat constantly and just never get tired of it.


I have been into gem stones or rare gems for a while now.  So when I stumble upon these white sapphires one, I snatched it up before anyone could get to it.  Now if I could only remember where…?



| Cardigan:  FOREVER 21 (borrowed) | Shirt: WalMart (surprise!) | Pants: WalMart (Surprise again!) | Bag:  WalMart (Surprise Surprise… not!) | Booties:  Nine West | |Bracelets: H&M (old) | Necklace (old) | Sunglasses (?) | Earrings (?) |